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To Paint Or Not To Paint... That is the Question

Should I paint my home before selling?

Painting is a quick and cost-effective upgrade prior to listing your home. One of the first and most important things a buyer looks at when viewing a home is the front door. They are already trying to imagine themselves living in the home, so curb appeal is very important. Painting your front door can really update the look of your home while also being a fast and inexpensive upgrade. Dark colours are nice for exterior doors, charcoal can be a great option.

Keep the colours simple & neutral

When choosing interior colours, keep in mind that sometimes bright colours can be too bold, dark colours can make spaces look smaller, while light and neutral tones make spaces appear larger. Neutrals allow the potential buyer to imagine their own furnishings and feel it out as their own. Think of whites, grays, beiges – these are all timeless colours and can quickly change the appearance of your home. A fresh paint job will also look great in real estate photos.

How to choose the correct finish

A very common question is what sheen to put on walls or trim. The most popular sheens for the walls are matte or eggshell and pearl for trim. There is no light reflection on a matte finish, so it’s great for hiding any imperfections on walls. A pearl or gloss paint would be good for heavy traffic areas as they are more durable on surfaces like doors, architectural details and cabinets. When in doubt, talk to local experts about products, sheen, and tools best suited for the project you are working on.

Don’t forget to prep & take your time

Prepping before painting should not be overlooked. Repairing any damage on walls, nail holes or flaking paint, should be fixed, and sanded down before covering with paint. Caulking is very important and can really help the look of your trim if it has any gaps or cracking. Weather is also something to consider when painting exteriors. Temperature should be above 10 degrees Celsius (for most paints – check with your paint retailer for more details on applying) and free of any rain, moisture, or humidity. Remember to take your time when applying paint and seek the advice of a professional should you need any help.

Contact Laura Kathryn for an experts advice.

Design Consultant, Interior & Exterior Painting

Instagram: @laura_kathryn_

Phone: 403.701.9072

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