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Let's Talk Home Inspections

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Marty Keough of Nook & Cranny Home Inspections explains why!

How your home works

A licensed home inspector will educate and explain to many new and existing homeowners how a home functions properly, Most are unsure how a home systems work and we will walk you through the home and ensure you have an understanding of all systems in the home.

Forecasting future costs

A home inspection will review the condition and ages of all systems in the home. The inspector will inspect if there are any issues with furnaces, hot water tanks, and determine the age and condition of a roof. All components in the home have a lifespan and the inspector will help note areas that are ready for updating at the time of the inspection or in the near future, helping to avoid any surprisingly large costs in the future. Any issues or concerns will be brought up and noted on the inspection report.

Non-permitted work

Determining if work in the home has been completed with or without permits, and knowing this information is particularly important when insuring the home. Most insurance companies will not insure a home with work that has been completed without permits. Some examples of work that are typically found done without permits are electrical, plumbing, and additions or renovations to the home. A home inspector can inspect the quality of work performed by the trades in the upgrades completed to the home. You want to make sure it is done correct, avoiding any issues in the future.

Peace of mind

Not all homes will have a list of deficiencies. Some owners keep the home in impeccable condition, fixing any issues as they show up. An inspection will provide peace of mind that a home is in good condition and will suit a client’s needs.

At Nook & Cranny Home Inspections they stay on as a resource to the owner for the entire period they own the home when booking their home inspection through them.

Contact me today and I will personally put you in touch with the amazing team at Nook & Cranny.

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