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Ian Boyd

Ian Boyd




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Get to know me

Born & raised out east, I have always been drawn to the beauty of Western Canada. At the age of 18, I made a move towards the mountains, nature and communities I had been admiring for years, landing in British Columbia. Over the next 20 years, I pursued my passions of people, travel & adventure. At one point, my life took me to Europe for a year, where I spent time in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Scotland. 

More recently, I have settled in Calgary, close to the mountain & nature that I love so deeply and spend time in to rejuvenate. For a number of years, I owned and managed a sponsorship sales & consultant business. I was able to successfully transfer my skills and became a real estate agent. This was where I discovered my passion for helping  people and matching them with their dream home.


In my spare time (which is rare and limited because the market has been so hot the past couple of years), I enjoy woodworking, mountain and road biking, snowboarding, hiking, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding and really all outdoor adventures. 

Why should you choose me as your real estate agent?

I am in the industry of real estate, but my passion is people. I pride myself on being humble, hard-working, genuine, honest and, most importantly, caring deeply for your needs. When you choose me as your realtor, I make it my top priority to guide you through the buying & selling experience with ease. These should be exciting times, not stressful or worrisome. Throughout my career, I developed a deep understanding of customer service, and my passion for people allows me to provide my clients with elite-level service. 

Together, we will make your real estate dreams come true. 

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